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NEC has a full machine shop to support its fabrication side with a range machines including:

  • Large 3-axis CNC millling machine (maximum travel, X:2100mm, Y:850mm, Z:220mm)
  • Large CNC lathe (3m between centers, 610mm swing over bed, 400mm swing over cross slide)
  • TOS H100A horizontal boring machine (maximum travel, X:1250mm, Y:1200mm (vertical), Z:1800mm)
  • Large manual lathes (maximum swings: 2030mm in gap, 1380mm over bed,1146mm over cross slide, 11m bed)
  • Heavy duty manual milling machines
  • Precision lathes
  • Metal Spraying abilities
  • Broaching of keyways
  • Thickness Testing
  • Prop Shaft Machining

What sets us apart

So why choose us…what’s different, how can we make your job more cost effective?

  • We have the largest CNC mill, lathe and horizontal boring mill in the Hawkes Bay region
  • Our CNC mill is heavy duty and monsters the removal of material! If you need large volumes of material removed give us a call.
  • We manufacture large tapered bearing plates for structural applications. We typically manufacture single or dual taper plates, but can cut any shape required. We can also source plate quickly through our parent company (typically up to 100mm in stock).
  • Our big lathes are capable of handling large loads – our latest project was to refurbish a 1.3m diameter quick opening closure sealing face!
  • We offer metal spraying services – if your shaft has worn sealing areas talk to us first, we might be able to save you a lot! Metal spraying has it’s limitations, but when it’s suitable it is quicker and reduces the risk of warped or bent shafts. We’ve been doing this for years and have the knowledge and experience to advise you.
  • We have the largest selection of structural and ASME welding procedures in Hawkes Bay (NEC & Eastbridge combined). If you need a curly procedure we probably have one.


Precision machined S/S sleeve with highly polished finished.

Large Facing Lathe with movable gap bed.

Milling down a reducing edge on large plates before rolling

Large Facing Lathe with movable gap bed.

Maching of a Screw Flight

Marking out the underside of a trawler hull to map out for thickness testing, results will later be transfered to drawings for clients reference. This can also be done for tanks & auger casings as well.

A little piece of company history machined into a miniature orifice plate

Machining some large spacer flanges

Crack testing the teeth

CNC lathe

Our large CNC mill

CNC milling a bespoke item